Our Team

  • Tarasov Viktor - Co-Founder, Senior Partner, Automotive Industry Expert
Viktor is a seasoned professional in the automotive sector, bringing comprehensive expertise in design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. His deep understanding spans the entire supply chain, from major automakers to niche component suppliers, offering a holistic view of the industry's global impact.
  • Kurdybakha Stanislav - Co-Founder, Partner, Consumer Goods Industry Analyst
Stanislav excels in the analysis of the consumer goods sector, focusing on the production and distribution of a wide range of products including food, beverages, apparel, electronics, and luxury items. His insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and supply chain dynamics are invaluable in this diverse industry.
  • Miliukov Yevhen - Partner, Education Field Expert
Yevhen specializes in the education sector, focusing on learning opportunities and skills development across various platforms. His expertise includes a thorough understanding of educational institutions, online learning, and educational resources, with a strategic approach to analyzing and developing educational trends and services.
  • Vedernykov Anton - Partner, Economics and Finance Specialist
Anton's expertise lies in economics and finance, encompassing financial markets, economic trends, and resource management. He collaborates with banks, investment firms, and financial institutions, providing strategic insights and information on economic and financial planning.
  • Pavlov Artem - Partner, Electronic Industry Researcher
Artem is a researcher specializing in the electronics industry, with a keen focus on the design, development, and production of electronic components and devices. His knowledge extends to the latest technological advancements, R&D initiatives, and market demands in the electronics sector.