• Viktor Tarasov

    Co-Founder, Senior Partner, Automotive and Health & Beauty Industries Expert

    Viktor is an experienced expert with in-depth knowledge of the automotive and health and beauty industries. his professional responsibilities include analyzing market trends in the design, development, production, marketing and sales of automobiles, working with companies from large automakers to small parts suppliers, developing strategies to increase the automotive sector's contribution to the country's economy, assessing consumer demand in the health and beauty industry, and developing strategies to improve the quality of the automobile industry, as well as developing strategies to improve the quality of the automotive industry's products and services. Viktor's qualifications include extensive knowledge of both industries, experience in market analysis and strategy development, and excellent communication skills.

  • Stanislav Kurdybakha

    Co-Founder, Partner, Consumer Goods, Real Estate and Intellectual Property Industries Analyst

    Stas is a multi-faceted expert focused on the consumer products, real estate and intellectual property industries. This role emphasizes the ability to think strategically, analyze industry trends, identify investment opportunities and prepare business solutions in these diverse sectors. Stas has an entrepreneurial mindset, strong analytical skills and a deep understanding of these industries, enabling him to innovate and drive business growth. Professional responsibilities include market analysis, intellectual property valuation, real estate market valuation, consumer product trend analysis, and development of strategic partnerships.

  • Yevhen Miliukov

    Partner, Economics & Finance and Management Industries Expert

    Yevhen is an expert with a strong background in economics and finance and management. His position involves in-depth analysis of economic and financial trends, developing strategies for effective financial management and guiding the organization's management in decision making. Key responsibilities include economic forecasting, analyzing financial markets, assessing risks and implementing best management practices. Yevhen has a deep understanding of economic theories, financial markets and management principles, and a proven track record of applying this knowledge to achieve business success.

  • Anton Vedernykov

    Partner, Food & Beverages and Pets Care Industries Specialist

    Anton is a specialist with extensive knowledge and experience in both the food and beverage and pet care sectors. Anton is responsible for analyzing market trends, consumer preferences and new developments in these sectors. His responsibilities include evaluating new food and beverage products, assessing pet care market dynamics, identifying growth opportunities and developing strategies to capitalize on these insights. Anton has a deep understanding of both sectors, excellent analytical skills and the ability to translate market trends into actionable business strategies.

  • Artem Pavlov

    Partner, Electronic and Logistic Industries Researcher

    Artem is a researcher with specialized knowledge of both the electronics and logistics industries. Functional responsibilities include in-depth research and analysis of electronics market trends, technological advancements, logistics operations and supply chain management strategies. Artem is a top expert in analyzing developments and innovations in electronic products, evaluating logistics industry practices, identifying efficiency opportunities, and providing insights to inform business strategies. As a professional, he has strong research skills, a deep understanding of the dynamics of the electronics and logistics industries, and the ability to synthesize complex information into actionable recommendations.